The Aim of the Game...

Looking for heart thumping adrenalin pumping action and excitement as well as a great day out?

Paintball is the Ultimate outdoor action team sport
played by men and women of all ages and lifestyles.

The aim of the game is to combine strategy and tactics with teamwork, to battle the opposing team, to secure victory for your side. Each player is supplied with their own paintball marker and protective clothing, and the games commence.

For a more detailed explanation on gameplay, go to the Games Page, or for more information on Paintball, see our Introduction Page. To find out the whereabouts of Action Paintball, go to the About Page.

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Mackay's Favourite Adventure...

- Free stuff for players
- Lowest Prices
- Highest Quality Equipment
- Largest Variety of Games
- Biggest Fields
- Every Third Visit Free
- Organiser Plays Free
- More Bang For Your Buck
- Pump Action + Semi Auto Guns
- Over 25 hectares of fields!

Phone: 4954 9035
or book online right now!

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(No Entry Fee)
Please be advised, prices are subject to change.
All prices include safety gear

--$29 100 Paintballs

--$35 150 Paintballs

--$45 200 Paintballs

--$55 300 Paintballs

--$65 400 Paintballs

--$80 500 Paintballs

--$100 600 Paintballs

--$130 800 Paintballs

--$150 1000 Paintballs



































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