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Please be aware that it is a government regulation that persons under 15 years of age are not allowed to participate. This is of no fault, nor control of Action Paintball Mackay.

Upon booking, players under the age of 18 are required by law to fill out a wavier of liability form, to be signed by both them and their parents or a guardian. Action Paintball Mackay will hand deliver forms when you pay your deposit.

How to use the Online Booking Form...

Simply fill out the details requested, ensuring to provide an email address or contact phone number, so we can confirm your booking. Important:- Bookings must be made at least 3 days prior to the date on which you wish to play.
Minimum of 6 players recommended.

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Please be advised, prices are subject to change.
All prices include safety gear

--$29 100 Paintballs

--$35 150 Paintballs

--$45 200 Paintballs

--$55 300 Paintballs

--$65 400 Paintballs

--$80 500 Paintballs

--$100 600 Paintballs

--$130 800 Paintballs

--$150 1000 Paintballs

Session Times...

Sessions are normally held at the following times.  If these times do not suit let us know and we will do all we can to fit in with your schedule.
Weekends (Saturday & Sunday)

Week Days & Public Holidays

Normally we require at least a weeks notice to run a week day game but as Action Paintball Mackay is extremely popular it would be wise to book well in advance to avoid dissapointment.


How to Secure your Booking...

A deposit of $10 per person is required as numbers are limited. Alternatively you can also pay in advance for the amount of paintballs you think you will buy (e.g. 20 x $45 etc).
How to Pay Deposit...

The deposit can be paid by:

Internet banking or Drop off or Have Action Paintball Mackay pick it up. Call for information on internet banking or to arrange a time for drop off or pick up.


How do i organise my group?

Call Action Paintball Mackay so we can provide you with brochures, stickers etc.

How many paintballs will I need?

This varies from player to player and is very dependant on your style of play. We find that our recreational players use on average 400 paintballs per session.  Having said this, some players will shoot through over 2000 paint balls in a session.To avoid disappointment we recommend you bank on spending between $65 - $100. 

Do I need to bring a large group or can I just bring a couple of friends?

The more the merrier!  There's nothing like a big game with many players.  Having said this, we'll make sure you have fun irrespective of how may friends you rustle up.The games we play for 10-20 players are typically different than what we'd play for a group of 40-50; we style the games to suit the size and type of group.  If you are less popular than you thought and can only find a few mates, or if you're on your "pat malone" call us to see what games we have booked to get you in on the fun.

Can we bring drinks and food?

Action Paintball Mackay has a safe and secure shaded rest area for players and spectators. Free use of BBQ is available if required. Please advise us if you wish to use the BBQ.















































































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